Step by Step you conquer the mountain

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite humans to walk this planet… my sister. 


She is the Jane to my Elizabeth,

the Christina to my Courtney,

the Samantha to my Charlotte,

the Penny to my Bernadette,

and I hope never the Jane to my Tess…

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The List

Over 2 years ago I created a list, it was a 30 things to do before I was 30 list, the list is not yet complete, I have 3 spaces remaining on this list. Feel free to suggest your ideas for my final 3 spots.

What’s on your thirty?

My next series of blogs are going to be my diary record of me trying to achieve this list. For any of you who know me more personally, I don’t like to do things by halves and I have set myself some exceedingly good challenges, sadly they won’t involve eating cake, but they are supposed to be (on the whole fun) albeit there were a few on the list which were a little more like turning the page into being a sensible adult.

When I do reach the ‘big’


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So my post is mainly about a trip to Iceland – but how could I go here and not discuss Hallgrímskirkja Church.

It is the central point of the capital of Iceland, you can walk around the city and glimpse it down streets or see the top of the tower from the waterside, it is an enormous, monumental, modern landmark utilising architecture to marvel at the amazing geology of Iceland. Continue reading